Although plumper lips probably come to mind when you think of lip fillers, there’s a lot more to know than we know.

Fillers can substantially enhance the natural symmetry of your lips while harmonizing your features without making a drastic change as you strive for an attractive pout. Other than that, certain lip fillers can offer unanticipated relief from conditions that cause persistent discomfort.

Explore these five unexpected benefits that go well beyond volume to see how a simple cosmetic decision can offer a variety of benefits.

Key Benefits of Lip Fillers:

  1. Enhanced natural symmetry

Some people have uneven lips, meaning one side is slightly bigger than the other or the middle part is a bit lower;small lip fillers can help restore symmetry to your lips and enhance your smile. As practiced by a professional dermatologist, these dermal fillers work to give the right proportions to your face, complementing the existing unbalanced facial structures unless corrected, and giving the best texture to your face. You no longer need to wait for your lips to become fuller; that means you are investing in the beauty of a harmonious face.

  1. Minimized lipstick bleeding

Apart from making the lip more visually appealing and in harmony with the teeth, lip filler treatment also solves the vexation of lipstick staining fine lines around the mouth. This can be compounded by the effects that come with normal biological aging processes. When you choose lip fillers, you are actually paying for a treatment that not only entails lip enhancement but also enhances the support tissue around your lips, and this serves to reduce the spaces through which lipstick can seep.

  1. Enhanced dynamics of smiles

    Your smile will look more attractive and appealing with increased lip fullness, which will increase your desire to interact with others. Thus, by strategically placing these fillers, you can effectively control lip motions and alter the appearance of your smile. Since  lips are one of the most noticeable features of the smile zone, you may experience a stress-free improvement in your smile confidence in the first few days.
  1. Increased collagen formation

    Lip filler injections promote the synthesis of collagen in your skin, which results in longer-lasting rejuvenation. When you have lip fillers, the injected materials—which frequently contain hyaluronic acid—do more than just increase the volume of your lips. They act as a stimulant to promote skin’s healing mechanisms.
  1. Unexpected reduction of pain

    Not a lot of  individuals know that lip fillers are also used in addressing pain, for patients with chronic lip pain. This can provide some relief to those suffering from chronic diseases that develop in the orofacial area, using exclusively minimally invasive procedures. These injectable materials work by restoring tissue, helping to  relieve  chronic lip pain, including pain  resulting from nerve damage or recurring mouth ulcers.

VLCC Lip Filler Treatments

Dermal Fillers: The injectable dermal fillers are considered for lifting, volumizing, firming, and supporting the skin by enhancing the concentration of hyaluronic acid in the skin layer. It also helps add a little more volume and a refreshed look to the skin. This permanent lip filler procedure promotes the production of collagen in your body, making it  one of the best and safest ways to produce it naturally.

Botox treatment: More often, this Botox skin treatment procedure is employed in the treatment of frown lines and crow lines. With botox treatment,  lips can be given the desired volume, facial lines can be corrected, and overall skin tone can be enhanced. Moreover,  glycolic acid makes the skin look younger.  However, there’s no fixed  botox injection cost and it may vary as per one’s skin condition.

Why VLCC Lip Filler Treatment?

Expert dermatologists at VLCC can manage every facet of dermal filler therapy, beginning with a consultation to determine your needs. The professionals are also capable of selecting the best filler type for your skin  and administering injections using the correct techniques. If you want the best results, VLCC’s  extraordinary lip filler treatment providers also  give excellent aftercare. So, if you are looking  to have lip fillers, schedule your consultation with VLCC at the earliest!

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