In the world of celebrities, where the selfie culture is on the rise and accessories are all about personal imprint and power statement, making fashion trends. There are many jewelry choices among in star and double cross necklace has become the clear winner in this place. This is more than just a cool piece, it typically holds a deeper meaning and personal significance. In this article, we will discuss the world of double cross necklace and some celebrities who take the trend, then briefly how they mix it up with their styles, and even elaborate the symbol behind their choices.

Double Cross Necklaces and Its Symbolism and Attraction

The double cross necklace being two cross pendants, usually interconnected or folded, is a dazzling image. This design can carry through a number of different principles ranging from religious faith and protection to a broader balance and harmony. The two crosses also symbolize the bridge between the physical and metaphysical worlds, perfect for the customer who likes their accessories to have some Gnostic air.


The Queen of Reinvention — is not only an enduring icon in the music industry, she’s also been seen wearing some of the hottest double cross necklaces!! Madonna, who is renowned for her gutsy attire, and Madonna proclaimed trendsetter status by sporting the double cross necklace only works to reinforce her portrayal as a rule-breaking artist. Dolce and Gabbana is easily the most pervasive designer to incorporate it into style with religious undertones, often fusing it with current wear in the front of the public eye. The double cross necklace, in her case, did services, both as a symbol of her Catholic upbringing and as a sign of her delight in transgression.


Rihanna, the world traveller and fashion icon, also sports double cross necklaces. She has an eclectic, fearless style, combining high fashion with streetwear. Rihanna’s crosses are often filed with cut-outs patterns and sometimes she combines these big cross necklaces with other big pieces of jewelry. The double cross necklace may also symbolize a nod to her cultural heritage and her dexterity cross-pollinating different fashion and cultural influences.

Another celebrity who has been frequently spotted wearing double cross necklaces? None other than reformed bad boy Justin Bieber, who’s made major public changes in recent years, from recommitting to his faith and on. Sometimes, his choice of the accessory fits well with his down casual but trendy image. Accounting for his personal experience, the double cross necklace probably serves as a testament to his beliefs, demonstrating his connection to faith and spirituality through fashion.

Justin Bieber

Another double cross necklace-wearing celebrity is Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber, who has changed his public image a lot over the years and returned to his Christian faith. He sometimes wears his standard black hat, commonly paired with his casual yet tersely fashionable outfits. For Bieber, the double cross necklace is probably a testament to his faith and his long walk through the wilderness, a striking link to religion and some kind of vast higher power.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, the outspoken teen star is another celebrity to rock double cross necklaces. Her style is always changing, from her innocent Disney face to her new experimental and alternative looks. The double cross necklace flatters her boho-chic sensibilities as a sartorial salute and extension of her multifaceted personality. The double cross, then, could be understood, in its double nature, as a way for Miley to reflect the newness of her self while honoring and benefiting from her history.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner, a supermodel and reality TV star, has sported dainty double cross necklaces that complement her chic, minimal style. Jenner regularly wears a delicate double cross necklace, which is subtle and chic and fits in with her overall polished look. In the case of Kendall, the necklace could represent balance and harmony, as she is famously earthy in her high-flying career and public life.

To Sum Up

Double cross necklace from the religious development, has been a lot of stars of all ages the love of the virtual experience. From Madonna with her provocative style to Kendall Jenner with her understated elegance, this piece of jewelry has doubled down in many different fashion statements. The duality, balance, and spiritual symbolism are why choosing it as a talisman is so widely used, as it can say much more about the nature of the individual rather than just their style choices. With trends only being influenced by celebrities this also points to the fact that the double cross necklace will probably always be a favorite and popular fashion accessory to wear for many years to come.