Privacy is the most important thing to be taken care of. Nowadays, the users provide their sensitive information on any of the sites without much worry. That is where privacy risk comes up. Similarly, there are many of the sites that are restricted to a particular group of people. At the same time there are various proxy networks, which let the user avail the restricted sites benefits. Here, in this article we are going to get acknowledged with one of the proxy server Androbuntu proxy. The article covers in depth information of the proxy servers, its features, access procedure and more.

Overview On Androbuntu Proxy

The Androbuntu Proxy is a free to use Proxy server. It allows the users to access any limited or restricted site within minutes without much worry. It hides down the IP address and also acts as a mediator between users and the restricted site. Androbuntu aims to protect the user data from any thefts or misuse in the upcoming future and adds an extra layer of security and privacy.

It is one of the best solutions to overcome the access problem of a blocked site. Moreover, one needs to keep in mind that the proxy network does not provide 100% safe network protection or safeguards your personal information if shared. So, use the site for your own benefits rather than degrading others.

The Characteristics Of Androbuntu Proxy

Using any unknown sites may cause issues. Therefore, one needs to be well aware of the platform before accessing it. Here are few of the main highlights of the proxy network androbuntu proxy.

  • Access to Blocked Websites: The proxy network androbuntu proxy allows the user to have easy access to the restricted content or site. Regardless of the location or device, it allows access to the information shared without any limitation.
  • Encrypted Connections: The proxy network offers encrypted information. It is done using HTTPS protocol. This also ensures that the user data is protected from any harmful interception and No hacking takes place.
  • Permalink: It also allows the users to create permanent links of the site that are restricted. It creates this link when the site is often visited through the proxy server. Well, the purpose to do so is to save the link, even share the link for future use.
  • No Installation required: The main feature that brings limelight to the site is the usage process. One does no need to install or download any software to complicate the process. It has a easy to use procedure that makes it more interesting to use.

How to use androbuntu proxy

The users need to keep a safety point in mind. The content, quality or reliability of any site accessed through proxy, Androbuntu is not responsible. In case, if the users are anyhow interested in using the ProxySite, they can follow the steps given below:

  • From an Internet connected device, have a access to any preferred Browser.
  • Search and navigate to the official Androbuntu Proxy site.
  • Once the homepage appears on the screen, the user now needs to type down or paste the website address they want to access in the given column.
  • Click on the “GO” button given below to access the site through a proxy.

Pros and Cons Of Androbuntu Proxy

Well, every coin has its own two sides. The proxy site Androbuntu Proxy is considered to have its own advantages and disadvantages as well. So, mentioned below are a few of the plus and negative points when talking about teh proxy network.

Advantages/ Pros

  • It allows the user access to the blocked sites.
  • It also provides an encrypted connection to protect the user data.
  • It’s permalink features allows it to create permanent links.
  • The user does not need to install or configuration is required.

Disadvantages/ Cons

  • The free network versions has a limit and also display various advertisements.
  • It does not guarantee 100% anonymous work and also does not secure the proxy use.
  • One needs to be extra careful while visiting any site using a proxy network. Avoid sharing personal information to safeguard your security.

The Safety Consideration For Androbuntu Proxy

Using any third party site to access any restricted website is considered unethical. But, if the proxy network or server is used for our own benefits, instead of using it for degrading others it can be termed safe. So, one should use a proxy network for their own benefits, otherwise legal action could be taken. Moreover, the proxy server does not provide 100% safety to its users. If the data is misplaced or used for unethical practice the user might land into problem. As the site does not take any responsibility.


The information related to androbuntu proxy is well researched and it is for educational purpose only. In case of non compliance of the information, one may visit the official site for in depth information. Furthermore, visit the official site before relying on the information. And move forward at your risk.


In conclusion, Androbuntu Proxy is one of the proxy servers. It provides an opportunity to its users to have access to the restricted site and content. However, the proxy network is not quite safe to use. It may use the users data for their own benefits if not taken well care of. Moreover, its features, safety allegation, access procedure all the required information has been shared above.