Business is the most outgrown field in today’s time. To keep growing in this field one needs to keep a tab on their data collection. Understanding and Analyzing the data is the most crucial part of any business. So, what if I tell you, that one can easily do this hard looking job in a quick session. Well, yes that too using a Google Cloud platform gcp big query: powerful data analytics for mass storage and analysis Here, in this article we are going to have a look at the data analytic tool, its access information and more. 

What is Gcp big query: powerful data analytics for mass storage and analysis

GCP big query: powerful data analytics for mass storage and analysis It is part of Google Cloud Platform, which stands for GCP. It is a data analysis service designed to collect, analyze and present information. The main goal of the platform is to make the process of data analysis easy and interesting. It allows the user to analyze the data and extract information from it. The platform was announced in May 2010. It was launched in November 2011. It is mostly used in the fields of science, technology and business. It helps to share information and facilitate the work process.

The Key Highlights

The main attraction of any online platform is the key features and characteristics it consists of. So, here are few of the key highlights of gcp big query: powerful data analytics for mass storage and analysis

  • Security: The security of user data is a primary goal of the GCP Large study. It protects data by providing them with a high level of protection. Information is not accessible without the permission of the owner.
  • Quick Response: This is a fast and interactive analyzer. It gives the user an immediate response. It answers questions quickly. It also enables deep data analysis.
  • User Friendly: GCP supports data analysis of large queries. It can be adapted to different data analysis tools and platforms. This gives the user the freedom to work with it.
  • Visualization: The platform has various renderers. It allows the user to present data in chart and graphical form. It also helps the user to share and understand information..

How to use It?

Now, to avail the benefits and have a look at the features, the user needs to access the data service analytics. Well, the process to do so is as follows: 

  • From an Internet connected device, Login into your GCP portal with the help of Google Cloud Account.
  • Create a GCP project. Then open the Big Query analysis. This connects the project to Google Cloud Platform.
  • To set up your big survey details, go to the big survey portal. 
  • Then create a “dataset”. Now load the data in any supported format and continue processing the dataset with it. One can upload the data in CSV,JSON, Avro or other format
  • Create a Structured Query Language (SQL) that works with the datesheet
  • Data can now be presented as charts and graphs. Moreover, one can share the analysis report with the team.


Every other platform has their own advantages and disadvantages to be noted down. So, now let’s see what are the few limitations of the GCP Big query. 

  • Costing: Analyzing large data sets using GCP big query can be rated high. Well, it may cause issues for the small businesses to work on. 
  • Learning Difficulties: The user may take their own time to learn about the usage of GCP for big queries. This may cause more issues for the one who is still trying to be a data analysis professional.   
  • Query Limits: The platform may range high when said to analyze large data sets. The queries may take time to resolve statically depending on the size of the issue.  
  • Data Prioritization: The GCP big query: powerful data analytics for mass storage and analysis stores the data on google cloud. 

Is gcp big query: powerful data analytics for mass storage and analysis for free?

Well, to start with the user first needs to create a Google cloud account. Moreover, one will be charged on the basis of two main components: The cost to process the query and the cost to store data. Eventually the user can avail the free benefits service but only for a limited time period. And to use the benefits for larger data sets one can purchase the additional license. 

Disclaimer: All the information related to  gcp big query: powerful data analytics for mass storage & analysis is well researched and made available for the informational purpose only. One may visit the official Google Cloud platform for more detailed information before relying on the shared information.


In conclusion, GCP Big Query is the powerful data analysis tool and is managed by the server-less google warehouse. It has been specially designed for businesses that need to take some important decisions based on their research. Well, its features, usage procedure and all other important information has been shared above. So, one can go through the article for more detailed information.